SHR # 1567 :: Trans-evolutionary Fitness Radio: Bread-free Bread + Study: Rotating Night Shift Work May be Hazardous to Your Health ::

The Trans-Evolutionary Fitness Radio Show with Ken O'Neill

Co-host: Ken O'Neill    Guest: Nerissa Oden - Dr. Eva Schernhammer

Oden joins Lanore and O’Neill on this episode of TEFR discussing alternatives to flour-based bread products. Her recently published book Breadfree Bread explains how to substitute flour for just about every cracker, bread, cake and tortilla recipe. She also discusses food sensitivities and what we can do to eliminate the foods that harm us. At the end of the show she gives her Black Bean Brownie recipe that people all rave over. PLUS Almost 40 years after it first began, the Nurses' Health Study has given us a unique opportunity to look at the effects of shift-work on women throughout their lives. Dr. Shernhammer discusses her most recently published paper that look specifically at rotating night shift – working 3 or more night shifts per month over a longer period of time – and its effects on disease and mortality. 

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