SHR # 1564 :: New Product Review: Primal Pit Paste + Brooks Kubik Has Done Something He's Never Done Before + Fermented Foods: The Missing Government Recommendation ::

Primal Pit Paste

Guest: Amy Cazin - Brooks Kubik - Dr. Gregor Reid ::

The last frontier for a personal care product that’s not loaded with toxins is underarm deodorant. Even the so-called “safe” ones have parabens, triclosan and aluminum chlorohydrate and the really good ones are $20 or more! Well here’s your answer. Cazin explains that Primal Pit Paste has none of the offensive ingredients, includes organic ingredients and with our coupon code is less than $10 for a single stick that lasts you months! PLUS for over 25 years Brooks Kubik has been writing about Physical Culture and nutrition. In that time there’s something that many people kept telling him he had to do but he kept saying no. Well, he’s agreed to do it now and breaks the news to Lanore. PLUS Governments fancy themselves as being responsible for telling the populations they govern how and what to eat. Dr. Reid feels that they are remiss by not including fermented foods as part of that recommendations. He explains why in a study he authored for the Health Canada.

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