SHR # 1562 :: Trans-Evolutionary Fitness Radio: The Living Matrix + Physical Culture Radio: How Does a Young, Single Guy Handle the Diet and Nutrition Thing ::

The Trans-Evolutionary Fitness Radio Show

Co-host: Ken O'Neill - Brooks Kubik       Guest: Dr. James Oschman

Dr. James Oschman joins Lanore and O’Neill to discuss The Living Matrix. Many within the Medical Orthodoxy are beginning to realize its importance but Medical Schools are terribly behind addressing it and as such it is missing from text books that are sorely behind in the emerging sciences. It’s a part of the body that the Medical Orthodoxy have excluded from real importance. It’s represents 7% of the Human Body but is seen more as hardware than the more noble Organs and Brain, and as such, ignored as a source of Health and Longevity. Dr. Oschman discusses the scientific evidence that your connective tissue and fascia contribute to every organ system and carries its own intrinsic effect on the development of disease states. PLUS If you’re a young man you may find it hard to balance your love of Physical Culture and eating an Ancestral Diet with fun and being social. What if you have no time to cook? How do you handle meals out? Is there a way you can be strict and dedicated and still have fun? Should you bring food when you’re out at family gatherings? This and much more are explored in a real-world approach by Lanore and Kubik.

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