SHR # 1561 :: Science for Human's + Fat Loss Happens on Monday + Muscle Saves Lives: The Unlikely Toad ::

Science For Humans with Dr. Jeff Golini

Co-host: Dr. Jeff Golini   Guest: Josh Hillis - Jordan Frantz

Dr. Golini kicks off the first of a regularly scheduled episode of Science for Humans. We discuss the realities of real-world supplement research. Who’s really doing clinical trials on over-the-counter supplements? What does this mean to the consumer? Does it evoke a sense of greater trust in the presumed efficacy of the product? What about toxicology? Does the supplements efficacy justify a level of possible harm that it can do? PLUS Hillis authored a new fitness book along with Dan John that puts the control to change your physical destiny in the palm of your hand. PLUS On this episode of Muscle Saves Lives I get to interview a fellow I’ve known for some 15 years now, but never knew his story. Frantz suffered a stroke when he was born. This caused him to develop Cerebral Palsy. For most that would have been where the story ended, but not with this Unlikely Toad. He found Physical Culture and became a Super Human. If you’re having a bad day, bad week or bad year don’t miss this inspiring and motivating episode. Frantz is proof that there are really strong people amongst us here in the Super Human Nation.

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