SHR # 1559 :: New Product Review: Haleo Mind Set + The Plan Cookbook + Hyperglycemia CAUSES Insulin Resistance: It's a Vicious Cycle ::

Haleo Mind Set

Guest: Joey Rodrigues - Lyn-Genet Recitas - Dr. Cathryn Kolka ::

Mind Set is not just great as a pre-workout product. It’s a great product to increase focus, motivation and intensity in all areas of your life Rodrigues discusses the how and why of the product. PLUS Recitas is a Dietician that I can get behind. Her new book “The Plan” and the accompanying cookbook looks at “healthy” foods in a different way. She also gives a quick way to be able to listen to your own body better. An easy way to find if a food you’re eating is really healthy for you personally. PLUS The Chicken and Egg of how a person develops Type 2 Diabetes has been debated for some time now. Dr. Kolka discusses her recent study. The discussion takes some great directions. We discuss the role of muscle in the development of T2D, how the blood vessels may speed the disorder along, and the emerging science of insulin clearance and the role of the liver. Great interview.

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