SHR # 1558 :: CASUAL FRIDAY ::

Carl Lanore and Alisa Profumo

Co-host: The Lovely and Talented Alisa Profumo

New year’s resolutions….resolution solution/resolution revolution….new year new you!! - Saigon Cinnamon – The Bieber Ain’t No Whalberg – The Queen Can’t Hack it Anymore – State of Connecticut Forces Teen to Undergo Chemotherapy – Eating Dirt from Maine May Cure MRSA – Susan G. Komen Says: Eating Organic Food Hasn’t Been Proven to Be Safe -  Bromelain Kills the Cancer Cells Without Killing You - Magnesium May Lower Metabolic Syndrome - Can These Five Foods Be Making You Fat? The FDA Does it Again: Allows the Renaming of High Fructose Corn Syrup Because They Think We’re Stupid - The Latest Hair Trend: No Poo – Pssst.. Do You Have Bad Breath Down.. There? – Food Bourne Deaths Top Ebola Deaths Every Year – It’s National Glaucoma Month. Toke Up – The Movie Wall-E Prescient Warning: The IO Hawk – Plus More

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