SHR # 1556 :: The 14-Day Plan for Weight Loss + Jump Start your Fat Loss Free + Getting Out of the Gym and Using Your Evolutionary Muscles ::

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Guest: Dawna Stone - Steve Lapidus - Erwan Le Corre

Stone is a national celebrity in health and wellness. Her new book The Healthy You Diet is a cross between a diet book a cook book and a progress journal. She shows readers how to eliminate 7 foods that hurt health and body weight while integrating ancestral foods and preparing them in a delicious way that ensures success. PLUS What’s better than a fat-loss product that works? A fat loss product that works and is free. Lapidus offer a free month of their most successful patch products to the audience. PLUS Humans are well adapted to do many things. We can run fast for short distances or slowly for long distances. We can lift heavy things and throw them or carry them. We can jump over high objects, climb a tree and swing from its branches. We can dive off a cliff and swim for hundreds of yards, or go back and scale the cliff face back to the top. And at one time we did many of these every day all before lunch time. Le Corre wants people to embrace Natural Movement again and has a system to reactive our ancestral gifts of muscle and skills that helped us survive.

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