SHR # 1554 :: New Product Review: Paleo Treats + Training for Speed, Agility and Quickness + The Scoop on Cocoa: Organic vs Hybrid vs GMO ::

cacao dessert

Guest: Nik Hawks - Lee Brown - Kevin Richards

When you want a desert that’s sweet but want to stick to the Paleo framework Paleo Treats is your best bet. Hawks discusses the meager beginnings of the company and how they have grown by providing the best tasting Paleo-Friendly deserts in the world. PLUS Being strong is meaningless if you can’t run fast enough to avoid getting hit by a car. Brown explains how regardless of your age or conditioning you can always be faster, more agile and explosively quicker than you are right now. PLUS We hear all the time about the health benefits of dark chocolate. Like anything else there are varying degrees of quality in chocolate that boils down to where and how the cocoa seeds are grown and harvested. Richards is a Belgium trained Master Chocolatier and explains the difference between various coca products.

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