SHR # 1552 :: TEFR: Peak Performance: Qi of Aikido, Acting, Psychotherapy and ReGenesis + The Next Generation of Spontaneous-Ketosis Supplements ::

two aikido fighters training

Co-host: Ken O'Neill :: Guest: John Santos - Patrick Arnold - Dr. Dominic D'Agostino

On this installment of TEFR Santos joins Lanore and O’Neill to discuss how the Martial Art discipline of Aikido figures in to life, mental health, training, self-healing and spirituality. PLUS Thanks to Arnold their now exists an OTC powdered supplement that will put anyone into a state of ketosis in 10 minutes. He and Dr. D’Agostino discuss the best practices to leverage this product for health and performance. We discuss both aerobic and anaerobic athlete applications as well as some possible uses to improve sleep while dieting and much more.

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