SHR # 1551 :: SuppVersity Science Roundup: Immune Boosters that Prevent and Combat Respiratory Tract Infections + Are Today's Law Enforcement Officers Physically Equipped For the Job ::

woman with flu and cold

Guest: Adel Moussa - Officer Randall Moore

Tis the season for colds and flu. Moussa delivers the important details about which nutritional supplements work and which don’t deserve you time, attention or money when it comes to preventing and recovering quicker from RTI’s and other infections of the common cold variety. PLUS Are Law Enforcement Officers (LEO’s) prone to over-reacting when they don’t have the confidence and control that a level of physical strength provides? Is the rash of deadly force we see being used a result of LEO’s not having what it takes to do the job? The population is getting fatter and unhealthier and so are many LEO’s. Shouldn’t the men and women who protect and serve be held to a higher physical preparedness standard These questions and more are discussed with Moore, a 15 year veteran and life-long Physical Culturist.

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