SHR # 1547 :: Trans-Evolutionary Fitness Radio: Niacin: Performance Enhancement, Anti-Aging, Health, Multifaceted Nutrient + The Truth About Carbs and the Samurai Diet ::

niacin vitamin b3 molecular model illustration

Co-host: Ken O'Neill :: Guest: Michael Mooney - Nate Miyaki

Returning guest Michael Mooney joins Lanore and O’Neill to discuss an overlooked Vitamin B that may be the best performance enhancer, anti-aging and health supplement you will ever take. Real niacin costs pennies but possesses the ability to make you train harder, improve heart function, improve erecting quality in men, and reverse aging mitochondria to more youthful levels. So why aren’t you taking it? PLUS It’s not that easy. You can’t just demonize all carbohydrates. Miyaki wants you to know that. And in his new book he identifies many of the myths and misconceptions about carbohydrates. He want to inspire people to look at carbohydrates in a more individual way. And apply specific carbohydrate sources for specific reasons.

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