SHR # 1545 :: Physical Culture Radio: Knife, Fork, Muscle + Can Melatonin Be Used to Treat Ebola + New Patch Will Improve Mental Acuity ::

melatonin molecular model illustration

Guest: Brooks Kubik - Dr. Russel Reiter - Steve Lapidus

On this episode of PCR Kubik discusses applying critical thinking to the foods you choose to eat. How choosing better quality foods actually produces better gains in muscle and strength. PLUS Dr. Reiter has published more papers on melatonin than any other scientist to date. Listen to this discussion about the possibility that melatonin possess as a real treatment for Ebola. And listen to how the pharmaceutical industry as undoubtedly been at the root of why no one knows about this. PLUS If a sharper mind and memory is your goal you’ll want to hear this discussion with Lapidus.

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