SHR # 1542 :: Trans-Evolutionary Fitness Radio: The New Inquisition and Restoring Paradise + Could Leucine Be Used to Treat Muscle Wasting Diseases ::

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Co-host: Ken O'Neill     Guest: Dr. Arthur Versluis - Dr. Rene Koopman

Dr. Versluis joins O’Neill and Lanore on this episode of TEFR to discuss the new forms of inquisition surrounding us. These are no longer exclusive to religion. Since the advent of science the role of the inquisitor has taken a new turn. PLUS Many labs have invested countless resources to find ways to halt and even reverse muscle wasting. This is especially important in aging. But what about the amino acid Leucine? Does it have a place as a valid therapy? Is the scientific community ignoring it? And doe some dietary templates promote muscle wasting? These and other questions are discussed by Dr. Koopman.

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