SHR # 1541 :: Sense of Meaning and Purpose in Life Linked to Longer Life Span + Why Staying Hydrated During the Holiday Will Help You ::

A Group Of Happy Male Seniors Chatting

Guest: Professor Andrew Steptoe - Asaiah Passwater

There’s plenty of anecdotal evidence that shows those who have full meaningful lives with activates that create purpose are happier. But do they live longer? Prof. Steptoe attempts to answer this question and more in his most recent study. PLUS The holiday season brings a disconnect with health and fitness goals for many. Being social over this 2 month period takes precedence. Partaking in family rituals of food, drink and fun sets many of us back a step or two come the new year. Passwater and Lanore discuss a simple step that can help to ameliorate many of the oncoming negatives of the holiday festivities without making you appear like a stick-in-the-mud because you won’t eat any of aunt Margie’s Molten Caramel Triple Chocolate Maple Syrup Glazed Bacon Cookies.

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