SHR # 1534 :: "Take Your Pill": The Role and Fantasy of Pills in Modern Medicine + Can You Trust Your Protein Powder ::

woman taking a bunch of pills

Guest: Dr. Drew Leder – Dr. Jeff Golini

Every 30 seconds some radio or TV ad espouses the notion that your life will be better if you take a particular pharmaceutical drug. Where did this phenomenon come from? Why do people blindly believe that there is magic in pills? Dr. Drew answers these and other questions in his latest research paper. PLUS With big brands like Walmart, CVS and Nature’s Bounty now joining the ranks of some smaller unscrupulous companies guilty of spiking their protein powders to meet label claims, the general feeling is “who can you trust?” Dr. Golini talks about this as well as how some supplements in general have all sorts of things in them that are not listed on the label.

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