SHR # 1532 :: Physical Culture Radio: It's Not Just About Muscle - Strength Adaptations of Your Skeletal System + How the Olive Harvest in Italy Will be Affecting Imported Olive Oil Availability ::

human skeleton and bench press illustration

Co-host: Brooks Kubik     Guest:  Vitina Feo

Kubik joins Lanore on this episode of PCR to talk about a subject no one ever talks about. We only even talk about strength gains in terms of neuromuscular adaptation and muscle size. We never talk about how the skeletal system both contributes to strength and is influenced by strength training. You can’t get stronger is your skeletal systems isn’t getting stronger with you. We know how to feed our muscles, how do you eat to ensure your bones will get fed? PLUS Italy is the preeminent source of Imported Olive oil and for good reason. Every season influences the quality and quantity of Olives harvested. This past growing season has some unique issues that will be affecting the quality, quantity and cost of Imported Olive Oil next year. Feo just got back from the harvest in Sicily and reports on what is in store for those of us who love Olive oil from Italy.

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