SHR # 1531 :: CASUAL FRIDAY ::

Carl Lanore and Alisa Profumo

Co-host: The Lovely and Talented Alisa Profumo

Kim Kardashian is an Ass – What Women Will Do to Have a Big Booty – Vacation Boob Augmentation – ALERT: Listen to This Before You Eat McDonald’s French Fries Again – Bolivians Drive McDonald’s Out of Business – Read The Label Before Next Mediterranean Meal – So You Think Beans Are a Protein – Russia Joins 60 Other Countries and Bans GMO’s – Carl Pledges to Boycott Starbucks for Fighting GMO Labeling in Vermont – What Constitutes a Food Additive According to The FDA: Shock Alert – Dirty Dozen of Food Additives – NY Times Columnist Mark Bittman Gets Critical Thinking Award from Carl and Alisa: Forget About Feeding The World – Bill Gates to Starving People: Feed Them GMO’s and Give Them Windows - Breastfeeding Vegan Mother Ignores Near Death of Infant to Uphold Dietary Ideology – Yet Another New GMO Crop Approved: Potatoes - Voters Get Fooled in Oregon: GMO Labeling Derailed by Millions of Dollars from Food Giants – Plus More.

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