SHR # 1530 :: Trans-Evolutionary Fitness Radio: This is How We Do Live Radio + The Missing Link Between Vitamin D and Heart Health ::

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Co-host: Ken O'Neill    Guest: Dr. Stephanie Seneff

Our guest for today’s TEFR was a no-show so O’Neill and Lanore had to wing it. They cover O’Neill’s heart attack and recovery. Some listener hate mail. And a very strange story from Lanore that may make you question his sanity. PLUS Vitamin D research often fails to show the benefits expected. All of the compelling assumptions about Vitamin D are a result of epidemiology and populations with high sun exposure. Dr. Seneff has some clues as to why this may be. Are we ignoring the role of the skin in all of this. What about cholesterol and more interestingly sulfate? Listen and learn.

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