SHR # 1529 :: Better Body Workouts for Women + Lancet Makes an Error in Dismissing Vitamin D Research + Two Children Every Hour Potentially Poisoned by this Common Household Item + Choosing the Right Cookware ::

Super Human Radio Show # 1529 with Caroline Pearce, Dr. Oliver Gillie and Leslie Reichert

Guest: Caroline Pearce - Dr. Oliver Gillie - Leslie Reichert

Pearce wants to help women cut through the wrong messages and get right to the goal of having the body they always wanted. And it’s easier than you’d think. 30 different workouts, diet plans, during and post-pregnancy… it’s all covered in her new book.

PLUS A recent article published in the world renowned Lancet medical journal had many Vitamin D naysayer saying “see I told you so”. Their position is that low Vitamin D status is corollary and not the cause of many diseases states. But Dr. Gillie has written a peer-reviewed paper asking the Lancet to retract that article because its flawed and appears biased. PLUS 17,000 children every year are poisoned by this every-day household item. Reichert points this out and has a solution as well. PLUS every night people all over the world go home and purposely poison themselves and their families. Is your choice of cookware affecting your health and longevity? What is the solution? Find out now.

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