SHR # 1528 :: The BluePrint Power Hour + The Association Between Resistance Exercise and Cardiovascular Disease in Women + Holiday Cooking the Skinnytaste Way ::

Super Human Radio Show # 1528 with Rob Regish, Dr. Clemens Drenowatz and Gina Homolka

Co-host: Rob Regish      Guest: Dr. Clemens Drenowatz - Gina Homolka

Regish answers listener questions about training, nutrition and supplementation . PLUS The science now supports a message this show has promoted since its inception. Resistance training is important for women! Dr. Drenowatz and colleagues studied over 7,000 women and the results are impressive. Women who train with weights are protected from cardiovascular disease. But it doesn’t stop there. PLUS The holidays are here. How can you reduce the guilt and the weight gain while enjoying yourself? Homolka has some tips.

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