SHR # 1527 :: It's All About the Balls: EMF Protective Undergarment for Men + Discussing Ebola Rationally: Vaccines and Protection ::

ebola lab test materials

Guest: Ameer Rosic - Bill Sardi

Non-native EMF and RF have been studied at length and the most profound studies show conclusive negative effects on sperm motility, sperm quality and testosterone levels. Rosic saw his mission. A pair of underwear that would protect a man’s…. Well.. important parts. Riparo is born. PLUS Sardi is World renowned Science Writer and Reporter. He discusses the real threat of Ebola. How the US Government is choosing to deal with it. How Big Pharma is  choosing to deal with it, and why. He also discusses some useful science that may lead to ways you can protect yourself against Ebola in light of the fact that there is no safe vaccine licensed to date available.

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