SHR # 1526 :: Farmacology + Physical Culture Radio: Your Favorite Lifts + The Aftermath of Absorbing Negativity ::

organic farming

Co-host: Brooks Kubik      Guest: Dr. Daphne Miller

Dr. Miller looked beyond the message that “Food is Medicine” and looked at the role that the farm and the farmer plays in the efficacy of the foods eat. She prescribes food as part of her medical practice. She also discovered a parallel between the way the food is produced and how to better understand the best treatments for her patients. PLUS The elections are over and most people feel empty and distracted. The crescendo of being bombarded by negativity at every turn takes a toll on all of us no matter which team you were rooting for. Kubik discusses ways to bounce back and Physical Culture is one of the therapies. PLUS during a routine newsletter Kubik asked his fans for their favorite lifts in the gym and the list is much more varied than any would imagine.

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