SHR # 1524 :: REPLAY MONDAY :: Study Shows Flu Vaccine Causes 5 Times More Illness PLUS How RF And EMF May Contribute To Autism Development ::

flu vaccine

Guest: Dr. William Thornton - Dr. Martha Herbert

Dr. Thornton discusses a recently released study that looks at the efficacy of a trivalent seasonal flu vaccine as compared to saline placebo in humans. What you will hear in this interview is what you're not hearing in the mainstream media as it relates to this study - namely the truth. PLUS Dr. Herbert published a paper that looks at the potential effects of electromagnetic fields as well as radio frequencies on not only the development of Autism but how these insidiously abundant invisible toxins may have an acute effect on the day-to-day behavior of children on the spectrum. She gives both valid research and thoughtful suggestions that parents of children on the spectrum will find compelling and useful.

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