SHR # 1522 :: Trans-Evolutionary Fitness Radio: Yoga With Weight + Never Trust A Rat: Why Rodent Model Studies Shouldn't Be Trusted to Predict Health Outcomes in Humans ::

women doing yoga with weights

Co-host: Ken O’Neill Guest: Sherri Baptiste – Dr. Charu Chandrasekera

Baptiste returns to TEFR to expand upon a topic that she casually mentioned in her first interview – Yoga With Weights. This isn’t your grandmother’s Yoga. Yoga With Weights harnesses the muscle building effects of dynamic motion and slow purposeful movement that enhances the time-under-tension principals. Baptiste’s father Walt Baptiste was as muscular as any bodybuilder of his time yet only ever used the Yoga With Weights principals. Expand your horizons in the Physical-Culture-Meets-Mindfulness journey. PLUS For a decade now we have discussed a variety of scientific research studies to discover the secrets of health, fitness and longevity. Many of those studies were done on rodents. Dr. Chandrasekera makes a compelling and intelligent argument for why we have been wasting our time and money focusing on animal model studies. And in fact, may have missed opportunities for therapies and directions that could lead to real human cures for many diseases and pathologies. This interview is a game-changer and should be repeated over and over until the scientific community gets with the program!

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