SHR # 1521 :: High Intensity 300 + Longevity Medicine Radio: Chronic Inflammation, Fat Loss, Allergies and More + Bone Broth 101 ::

High Intensity 300 by Dan Trink

Guest: Dan Trink - Dr. Jerry Mixon - Diana Carr

We always talk about integrating more fun into our workouts. But we also know that workout intensity is or paramount importance. Trink has authored a book that should have been called “Intense, Fun Workouts for Dummies”. He takes all the guesswork out and delivers exact workouts to follow. Enough for an entire year! PLUS What does chronic inflammation have to do with the inability to lose body fat? Or those allergies you just mysteriously developed? Or your failing memory? Dr. Mixon explains. He also answers some listener questions. PLUS Sometimes even though you follow a recipe to the T, it doesn’t turn out the way you expected. Well with bone broth this may be even more true. Carr has perfected the art of making bone broth and she can save you a lot of time, money and disappointment with her tricks, tips and observations.

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