SHR # 1517 :: Trans-Evolutionary Fitness Radio: Living Deeply + The Best Cardiovascular Workout On The Planet And You're Not Doing It ::

Super Human Radio Show # 1517 with Ken O'neill, Dr. Marilyn Schlitz and Buddy Lee

Co-host: Ken O'Neill    Guest: Dr. Marilyn Schlitz - Buddy Lee

On this episode of TEFR Dr. Marilyn Schlitz joins Lanore and O’Neill to discuss a subject that most people shy away from. Death. Dr. Schlitz along Depak Chopra have produced the movie “Death Makes Life Possible” which is designed to help people resolve their fear of dying so that living a fuller, deeper more meaningful life is possible and probable. PLUS Buddy Lee is on a mission. To carry the word of what is the most efficient, convenient and effective form of cardiovascular conditioning training to every square inch of the globe.

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