SHR # 1516 :: Physical Culture Radio: The 100,000 Squats Club + Longevity Medicine: Unresolved Inflammation is Halting Your Progress + The Roll Model: Live Better in Your Own Body ::

Super Human Radio Show # 1516 with Brooks Kubik, Dr. Jerry Mixon and Jill Miller

Co-host: Brooks Kubik    Guest: Dr. Jerry Mixon - Jill Miller

Are you part of the prestigious 100,000 Squat Club? You may be and not even know it. Kubik explains this very exclusive group of lifters and how you can join too. PLUS On this, the third installment, Dr. Mixon explains the cascade of events that are interrupted when inflammation fails to resolve completely after a workout. PLUS Miller has authored the quintessential DIY heal-your-injury book. She explains the geneisis of the book as well as why it works for everyone who uses it.

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