SHR # 1511 :: Optimistic Medicine: Recovering from Traumatic Brain Injury + Longevity Medicine + Conditioning to the Core ::

MRI scans of head and brain

Guest: Dr. Mark Gordon - Petty Officer Matthew A. Gosney - Dr. Jerry Mixon - Dan Taylor

You hear a lot of talk about Traumatic Brain Injury these days. Much of it coming from within the NFL. But soldiers, law enforcement and firefighters suffer from it the most. Dr. Gordon has been a champion for finding solutions that give back one’s life before TBI struck. Petty Officer Gosney is one of those individuals. Listen to this story and please share this show with anyone you believe suffers from this condition because it can change their lives. PLUS We often talk about how Chronic Inflammation can derail health. Dr. Mixon discusses how it can derail your progress in the gym! Inflammation is a necessary part of muscle growth and stimuli. But resolving the inflammation faster means faster recover and greater gains! PLUS It can be said that Strength is to Voltage what Conditioning is to Amperage. Your level of conditioning will determine not only how great of an athlete you are but also how well you will respond to all of life’s challenges. Taylor co-authored a book of 300 exercises that will confer greater levels of conditioning to anyone no matter what their sports discipline or goals are.

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