SHR # 1510 :: The Get Strong Show + Muscle Saves Lives: The Jilly Reville Story ::

Super Human Radio Show # 1510 with Coach Wade Johnson and Jilly Reville

Guest: Coach Wade Johnson - Jilly Reville

Coach Johnson talks about how being a training partner is a serious commitment that some take too lightly. A unique way of rehabbing a bad shoulder. Some tips for Coaches and Clients. Plus more. PLUS Reville’s story is inspiring and miraculous to say the least. Listen as she explains the catastrophe that challenged this champion during her first Olympia competition. She gives new meaning to “suck it up and keep going”. Driven by sheer will she overcomes not one, but two life-threatening events and rises like the Phoenix to get back in the game. This is proof positive that “Muscle Saves Lives”.

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