SHR # 1507 :: Trans-Evolutionary Fitness Radio: Homo Noeticus + It Takes Real Strength Not to Be a Bully ::

Super Human Radio Show # 1507 with  Ken O'Neill, John White and Bud Jeffries

Co-host: Ken O'Neill :: Guest: John White - Bud Jeffries

On the episode of TEFR John White joins O’Neill and Lanore. One of the founding fathers of the Neotics movement, White is attributed with coining the term Noetics in its current use of the word. The discussion of an emerging human population which is both enlightened and advanced is the core of the discussion. How technology both contributes and impedes enlightened mindful individuals is touched upon. PLUS October is also Bullying Awareness Month and no single person has done more to both bring awareness to bullying and find solutions for it than Jeffries. His traveling anti-bullying workshop incorporates strongman feats of strength couched in the message that “Strong People Don’t Have to Bully”. He has traveled to schools in over 40 sates spending as much as 200 days each year on the road. Children love him and identify with his message as this gentle giants weaves stories of his own pain at the hands of bullies and how he became a strongman who does not feel the need to use his strength to intimidate others.

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