SHR # 1506 :: The SuppVersity Science Roundup + Longevity Medicine: Supporting a Healthy Inflammatory Response + Who's Responsible When Labels Lie ::

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Guest: Adel Moussa - Dr. Jerry Mixon - Atty. J. Clark Baird

The long awaited visit from Adel Moussa paid off. He discusses the dangers of low-sodium intake especially in active individuals, extreme high-protein-low-carb diets driving people into the ground, a logical application of ketogenic diet and much more. PLUS Dr. Mixon has a very unique view about inflammation. Helping inflammation “resolve” should be the focus and not completely shutting down inflammation as do NSAID’s and other pharmacological approaches. PLUS Recent label-claim scandals have reached many of us. So what can a consumer do? Who should be the target of your retaliation? What recourse is available? These and other questions are answered by Attorney J. Clark Baird.

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