SHR # 1502 :: Trans-Evolutionary Fitness Radio: Frontiers of Applied Supernutrition + Modulation of Cytochrome P450 Metabolism and Transport by Ginger Biophenolics ::

The Trans-Evolutionary Fitness Radio Show

Co-host: Ken O'Neill    Guest: Michael Mooney - Dr. Sushma Reddy

Michael Mooney joins Lanore and O’Neill for this episode of TEFR. Mooney is a pioneer in SuperNutrition and Exercise is Medicine Co-authoring the book “Built to Live” which gave many HIV patients hope and better outcomes by focusing on specific supplement, Physical Culture and muscle-building androgens. His book is still referred to by physicians all over the world and he tells you how you can get a free copy of the book. PLUS Ginger is a powerful anti-cancer herb. But many physicians will not suggest it for fear that it will cause adverse reactions if taken alongside standard cancer drugs. Dr. Reddy’s group have done two studies. One showing the powerful effects of Ginger to stop the progression of Prostate cancer and another showing that if Ginger is taken along with traditional treatments it will not cause any problems. Now let’s hope the Oncologists get the message.

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