SHR # 1501 :: Bad Habits that Suppress Libido and Make You Fat + Building the Perfect Freak + We Just Made Colostrum Better ::

Super Human Radio Show # 1501 with Dr. Anna Lepeley, Scott Cunningham and Doug Wyatt

Guest: Dr. Anna Lepeley - Scott Cunningham - Doug Wyatt

Dr. Lepeley points out the various things that people knowingly do that have a negative effect on hormone levels and physiology. Some are known and some not so well known. The discussion about the Vegan Diet comes into play as does alcohol consumption. PLUS Cunningham is at the helm of the new AAEFX as they re-launch with an engineered post-workout product that is sure to help you pack on some new muscle. PLUS How can you improve on the most perfect food made nature? Wyatt explains how he has made Colostrum better. And why no one else in the world can do what he does.

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