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Super Human Radio Show # 1497 with Ken O'Neill, Dr. Frank Booth and Dr. Todd McDougal

Co-host: Ken O'Neill    Guest: Dr. Frank Booth - Dr. Todd McDougal

Dr. Booth joins Lanore and O’Neill on this episode of TEFR to discuss the prophetic nature of the book he co-authored in 2003 both predicting the linkage between inactivity and disease as well as illustrating the levels of exercise that should be employed to increased one “Healthspan”. A metric which looks at the period of time within a Lifespan that a person remains diseases free. One of the most shocking things discussed is the Trans-Generational Epigenetic Effects of the current sick-care approach! Wait till you hear this. PLUS Imagine being a Competitive Strongman or strength athlete. You’re at a competition that you trained for all year. The unthinkable occurs. The weight crushes you and you’re injured during the execution of a lift.  Game over, right? Wrong! Not if Dr. McDougal is there. Reframe the event now. Dr. McDougal “puts you back together” as he has done to so many athletes on the spot and you not only go on to finish the competition, but actually break some new PR’s. Impossible? Not when this Super Human Doctor is on the job!

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