SHR # 1492 :: The History of Anti-aging, Rejuvenation, and Life Extension + New-Trition: Knife, Fork, Muscle ::

Super Human Radio Show # 1492 with Dr. Ilia Stambler and Brooks Kubik

Guest: Dr. Ilia Stambler - Brooks Kubik

Dr. Stambler has written a much needed history about the desires of human’s to live longer. And does it surprise anyone since survival is job 1 all the way down to our DNA. And we thought baby-boomers dreamed up Longevity Medicine. PLUS When you hang out with Brooks Kubik you just assume you’re going to get stronger. You also assume that along with lots of heavy lifting, food is in the equation. Well Kubik has penned his first-every book on nutrition. And when you hear this interview you’re going to wonder why he waited so long.

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