SHR # 1488 :: SPECIAL 2 HOUR EPISODE :: Trans-Evolutionary Fitness Radio: Total Body Training + The Host Becomes the Guest ::

Super Human Radio Show # 1488 with Ken O'Neill and Bob Gadja

Co-host: Ken O'Neill      Guest: Bob Gadja

Gadja joins Lanore and O’Neill on this episode of TEFR. A living legend in Physical Culture, Gadja discusses Total Body Training and Peripheral Heart Activation which are two of his contributions to Physical Culture. Gadja is also the person who is credited with coining the term “core training” and he discusses what it was intended to mean and what it has become to mean today. PLUS Lanore is interviewed by O’Neill and vice versa as the second hour of TEFR gets deep into the discussion of what the goals of the show truly are.

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