SHR # 1487 :: Physical Culture Radio: Building a Super Human at 60 and Beyond + A Practical Approach to Behavior Changes and Coaching ::

a 60-year old man doing workout

Guest: Brooks Kubik - Sean Casey

A fitting topic the day after Brooks “Dinosaur Training” Kubik’s 57th birthday. Getting older effects everyone.. oh right.. just not you. Regardless if you’re in your 30’s or older these are some of the things you need to consider as you age. You can train for your entire life. How you train can be every bit as intense as it is today. It will just take a bit more preparation and maintenance the older you are. PLUS Most personal trainers know a good nutrition plan to help a client loss body fat. Most people probably have an idea of a diet that is sensible and works. So why aren’t more people seeing the success they should? Two words – Behavior Modification. Casey discusses what you need to know to leverage behavior modification to your advantage.

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