SHR # 1484 :: CASUAL FRIDAY ::

Carl Lanore and Alisa Profumo

Co-host: The Lovely and Talented Alisa Profumo

You Didn’t Seriously Ask About Safe Drinking Water Did You – Is BPA the Reason for the Rise in Infertility – California to Ban Plastic Bags – 8 Scientifically Proven Ways to Boost Self-Confidence – Man Gives His Best Friend Cancer: Canine’s Suffer Too When Eating the Foods that Make Us Sick - PepsiCo Fail: Eating Fruit is Healthier than Fruit Juice – Attention Angelina Jolie: Double Mastectomy Does Not Improve Survival Rates in Breast Cancer – More Evidence that Where You Get Your Information is the New Evolutionary Selection Pressure -  How the Mainstream Perceive Bulletproof Coffee – We Won’t Be Fooled Again: Merck Gets Fast-Track by FDA to Introduce New Cancer Drug – Testosterone Risks Redux – Plus More and Listener Comments and Questions

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