SHR # 1482 :: Bio-Identical Thyroid Hormone Options + Physical Culture Radio: The 13th Workout ::

happy couple undergoing natural hormone therapy

Guest: Rudy Dragone R. PH. - Brooks Kubik

More and more people are looking into thyroid hormone replacement therapy. We hear nothing but horror stories about the synthetic variants. Dragone discusses bio-identical thyroid hormone alternatives, their pros and cons and how to talk to your doctor if you’re looking to get off of synthetics and on to a bio-identical. NOTE: Carl mispronounced one of the bio-identical options. The correct name he butchered is Nature-Throid and NOT Nature Thyroid. PLUS What is the 13th workout? Why is it important? Kubik discusses this phenomenon that effects all of us and what to do about it. He also discusses the fabled Himalayan Curl that is supposed to build massive arms in just weeks.

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