SHR # 1481 :: The BluePrint Power Hour + Pepper and Halt: Capsaicin May Inhibit Gut Tumors + Commentary: Thigh Gap: Is It A Worthy Goal for Women ::

a red hot pepper

Co-host: Rob Regish
Guest: Dr. Eyal Raz - Dr. Petrus De Jong - Alisa Profumo

Regish answers listener questions about training, diet and supplementation. PLUS If colon cancer is a concern then this is a must-hear interview. Dr.’s Eyal and De Jong discuss a rodent study that may show that eating spicy foods can reduce the risk of tumors in the intestines and colon! PLUS I never thought I would be discussing this on a show. Due to a Blog Post about Thigh Gap Alisa joins me as I have opened Pandora’s Box.

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