SHR # 1479 :: Trans-Evolutionary Fitness Radio: The Power of Yoga + Gender Dependent Effects of Diet on Gut Microbiome + Elite Athletes Live Longer than General Population ::

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Co-host: Ken O'Neill       Guest: Sherri Baptiste - Dr. Daniel Bolnick - Dr. Alejandro Lucia

Baptiste joins O’Neill and Lanore on this episode of TEFR to talk about a different kind of Yoga. Yoga the way it was meant to be before it became a commercialized version of itself to attract the masses. Baptiste knows a little something about trail-blazing being the child of two trailblazers within the physical-culture-meets-eastern-philosophy world. PLUS We know that diet influences the microbes that inhabit your gut. Dr. Bolnick has elucidated yet another variable that appears to influence gut microbiome – namely gender. PLUS Finally! For so long we have heard that training like an athlete simply beats the body up and leaves a shell that is an Orthopedic Surgeons dream! Dr. Lucia has done a thorough meta-analysis including over 42,807 athletes and shows that we age better and live longer! Good news for all but one category of athletes! Find out if you’re in the wrong group.

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