SHR # 1476 :: Probiotic L. Reuteri Treatment Prevents Bone Loss in a Menopausal Mouse Model + Significant Health Benefits Linked to Walking, Cycling to Work + PUSH Strength ::

an office man riding a bike to work

Guest: Dr. Robert Britton - Dr Ellen Flint - Matt Kuzdub

Our first interview about Lactobacillus Reuteri proved to be exciting when we discovered it reversed the aging of rodents. Dr. Britton’s group looked at the probiotics ability to revers osteoporosis in a menopausal mouse model. The results could make this therapy a first-line approach for physicians someday. PLUS Dr. Flint’s research shows amazing promise if the Governments of the most advanced Nations realize that making neighborhoods more accessible to walking and bike riding could end the healthcare crisis as we know it! PLUS We have Fitbit to monitor ambulatory activity. Now we have PUSH to monitor and manage your resistance training! This is an exciting product for so many reasons.

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