SHR # 1475 :: Trans-Evolutionary Fitness Radio: The New Evolution Diet PLUS Getting Back to the Spine ::

Super Human Radio Show # 1475 with Ken O'Neill, Art  de Vany and Dr. Steven Thain

Co-host: Ken O'Neill  ::  Guest: Art  de Vany - Dr. Steven Thain

On this episode of TEFR de Vany discusses the New Evolutionary Diet. We traverses his discoveries over the years from the melding of body building and evolutionary designs. PLUS Your spine is there holding you up and allowing you to ambulate and you don’t give it a thought. Dr. Thain discovers what training the Core should really mean. What the worst offenders to spinal alignment and health are. What you can do right now to improve your spinal alignment. How best to sleep for spine health and much more.

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