SHR # 1474 :: The Get Strong Show: Tiny Meeker's World Record 1,102 bench Press PLUS Paleo Diets and Blood Pressure Control ::

Super Human Radio Show # 1474 with Coach Wade Johnson, Tiny Meeker and Dr. Lynda Frassetto

Co-host: Wade Johnson :: Guest: Tiny Meeker – Dr. Lynda Frassetto ::

Meeker discusses his world-record-breaking 1,102 pound bench press with Carl and Coach Johnson. Just try and get your mind around that! He talks about coming back from a career-ending injury. Nd if you think his current record is an example of Super Human strength… wait till you hear the weight of his next record-breaking attempt!  PLUS What evidence is there that a Paleo Diet can lower blood pressure? Dr. Frassetto’s group looked at this and some other interesting effects of an Ancestral Diet. The discussion turns to PCOS as the good doctor is attempting to discover what role diet plays in the disease. She and her group are turning to Crowd funding since none of the Pharmaceutical giants would want to fund a study that doesn’t promote drugs as a therapy. Women who suffer from the disease are the only one who benefit from the outcome.

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Tim Meeker's Photo Credit: David Lund @ F8 Industries


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