SHR # 1472 :: Abridged Bulgarian Training for Fast Gains PLUS Self-infections with Parasites: Re-interpretations for the Present PLUS What Are We Putting in Our Food That Is Making Us Fat ::

weight training

Guest: Coach Ed Rusher - Dr. Julius Lukeš - Dr. Amber Kleckner - Dr. Jennifer Schlezinger

Coach Rusher was the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the U of L Football Team. He is a devote of the Bulgarian Training Method but agrees that few have the time to train 3 plus times a day! Over the years he has devised a way of getting all that you need in a single hour to hour and a half session and shares this protocol with the audience. He has also put together a training diary/manual that can help you make the kind of gains that his athletes have following his approach. PLUS New research is sorely needed to find ways to capitalize on parasites. For millions of years we have played host to them. In return they may have helped us stay healthier. Dr. Lukeš explains how. PLUS We’ve all suspected that all the artificial ingredients in our food may actually be bad for us. Every year the FDA approves over 1500 new ones! Dr.’s Schlezinger and Kleckner discuss artificial additives that specifically lead to increased obesity. Some may be in diet foods! And not all find their way in foods on purpose. Some in the environment are exposed to the foods that we eat and we get them in our diet second hand.

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