SHR # 1471 :: CASUAL FRIDAY ::

Carl Lanore and Alisa Profumo

Co-host: The Lovely and Talented Alisa Profumo

Could Anti-Depressants Be At The Root of Robin Williams Parkinson’s Disease – A Whole Lot of Raw Milk Discussions – Colgate Total: A Totally Dangerous Toothpaste – FDA Corruption More Evident Than Ever – As Predicted BPA Replacement Also A Known Endocrine Disruptor – Company Harnesses Natural Pesticide to Prevent Fleas on Pets – Alisa’s Natural Pet Flea Repellants -  20 Foods to Help You Detox Fast - Vitamin D Deficiency Linked to Infertility in Women – This Stem Cell Therapy May Extend Human Life to 200 Years – Regular Exercise Improves Pain Threshold -  FDA Approves Sleeping Pill to Help People Stay Asleep – New Fecal Occult Test Makes Colonoscopy Unnecessary – Children Who Use Hand Sanitizer Get Sick as Often as Children Who Don’t – Rate of Type 2 Diabetes Out of Control – President of Coca Cola North American Limits Coke Intake Due to Health Issues – Plus More and Listener Comments and Questions

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