SHR # 1470 :: Trans-Evolutionary Fitness Radio: Towards the Science of Consciousness PLUS Modified Gut Bacteria Can Inhibit Obesity ::

Super Human Radio Show # 1470 with Ken O'Neill, Dr. Alfred W. Kaszniak and Dr. Sean Davies

Co-Host: Ken O'Neill  Guest: Dr. Alfred W. Kaszniak - Dr. Sean Davies

On this episode of TEFR we look at the Science of Consciousness with Dr. Kaszniak. Studying consciousness has not been easy because science requires reproducibility and predictability. Up till now, outward behavior has been the end-point and a very unpredictable and individual indication of consciousness. The combination of brain-mapping and the proper selection of “Test Subjects” may change this. Also discussed is how the currently emerging technology of being connected 24/7 is effecting consciousness and brain function as a whole. PLUS By modifying a form of E. Coli, Dr Davies and colleague has been able to shift the effects of an obesogenic diet in mice. The test group received this probiotic microbe in their water and the consumed less food, reversed insulin resistance and lost body-fat. What happened when they were taken off the microbe? This and much more are discussed in the interview. PLUS Carl weighs in on SSRI’s and the unfortunate passing of Robin Williams.

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