SHR # 1467 :: All About Powerlifting PLUS Plants and the Human Brain ::

Super Human Radio Show # 1467 with Tim Henriques and Dr. David O. Kennedy

Guest: Tim Henriques - Dr. David O. Kennedy

Henriques has compiled over the past 10 years what is the first encyclopedia of Powerlifting. Everything from training, competing, nutrition, supplement, transferring strength gains over to other sports and much more are covered. Whether you intend to compete in Powerlifting or just want to improve strength for other reasons this book can help. PLUS Have you ever wondered about the pharmacological effect of plants? Dr. Kennedy is the Director of the Brain Performance and Nutritional Research  Centre at Northumbria University. His group is very interested in these effects on learning, memory, mood and other brain function. Learn what human have in common with plants and insects and why Alkaloids, Phenols and Terpenes effects our brains. Discover which two herbs in your cupboard right now can improve brain function immediately!

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