SHR # 1458 :: The BluePrint Power Hour PLUS Olympic Lifting for Strength, Power and Speed ::

Super Human Radio Show # 1458 with Coach Rob Regish and Will Fleming

Guest: Rob Regish - Wil Fleming

Regish answers listener questions about training, nutrition and supplementation. PLUS Olympic Lifting is explosive and builds strength, power and speed! Cross Fit has brought Olympic Lifting into vogue. But many Cross Fit’rs don’t execute the lifts with proper technique. Fleming has made his mark as an Olympic Lifting Coach. He discusses the importance of technique as well as offers the audience a free one hour video to help break the three big Olympic lifts down into small parts so you can become as technically proficient as any Olympic athlete. Then he offers a little-known secret to improving your Personal Best in the gym. Breathing! He offers a breathing technique discussion that promises to help your increase your strength in all of your lifts immediately.

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