SHR # 1457 :: The Inner City Food-Desert Blues PLUS Natural Bodybuilding Contest Prep: Resistance and Cardiovascular Training ::

Super Human Radio Show # 1457 with Kahn Santori Davison and Dr. Brad Schoenfeld

Guest: Kahn Santori Davison - Dr. Brad Schoenfeld

Are food deserts real? Do people in the inner city need better access to real food? Do they even care? These and other topics are discussed by Davison and Lanore. PLUS This show should have been called the Look Great Naked Show. Dr. Schoenfeld delivers the goods! Regardless of whether you’re getting ready to step on stage or you just want to look like someone who could step on stage, he gives every detail of what you need to do! If this was a seminar you’d have to pay hundreds of dollars for this information.

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